Call for Papers for a special issue of Gosudarstvo, religiia, tserkov' v Rossii i za rubezhom - State, Religion and Church in Russia and Worldwide

The quarterly peer-reviewed Russian language journal "State, Religion and Church in Russia and Worldwide" / "Gosudarstvo, religiia, tserkov' v Rossii i za rubezhom" will dedicate a special issue in the spring of 2020 to religion, new media and social change.

Even though the journal is published in Russian, we accept applications and papers written in other languages (preferably, in English).

Religions have been changed in interplay with media. In media-saturated societies, movies, books, computer games and social media largely shape the audience’ views of religions. As a result, technicians and content creators have gained a religious authority that challenges the monopoly of religious leaders on sacred knowledge. Commercialization and orientation on mass consumer lead to the "banalization of religions". In the meantime, religious organizations strive to be visible in media and use them for missionary purposes and for conveying religious messages to believers across the globe.

In this issue, we will focus on the changes that occurred in religious discourses, practices and institutions as a result of new media use. We will address theoretical approaches that conceptualize the interaction between religion and media, as well as different cases in order to show how new media transform religions and offer special forms of mediation of the sacred knowledge. The range of issues we encourage you to raise in your papers may include:

  • representations of religions in new media
  • religious practices that arise within the new media settings
  • features of religious networks and interplay between online and offline activities of religious communities
  • the ways new media challenge religious authorities, identities, and boundaries of religious communities.

The journal invites potential participants to submit an application by December 20, 2018, to the editorial address ( and to the addresses of the guest editor, Ekaterina Grishaeva ( The application should include a title, an abstract (300-500 words), and a short CV. The deadline for submitting the completed paper will be September 15, 2019. The length of the paper should be about 7000 words.

If you have any specific questions, please, do not hesitate to contact us.