Institute on Religion in an Age of Science


June 22-29, on Star Island, Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Since 1954 IRAS has had a long and distinguished history of formulating themes for some of the most important cutting-edge conferences that have helped define and shape the developing field of science and religion. Recently, poster presentations have become a significant feature of the summer conference program. For more information on the 2019 Conference, go to

Poster presentations permit personal summaries of papers on publicly displayed poster boards, including on-site question-and-answer sessions, information exchanges with peers and colleagues, and new ideas regarding your particular research program. During your poster session, you must be available for questions and discussions from conferees. Several people will typically visit your poster at the same time to discuss your work with you.

Poster sessions accommodate and broaden the participation of scholars who, in particular, wish to contribute their insights to the topic of each conference. The addition of contributed, peer-reviewed posters may yield new concepts to help propel and shape the conference theme. Up to  10 poster presentations will be selected on the basis of submitted abstracts, with a preference for those abstracts comporting with the conference theme. The results will be announced two months in advance of the meeting so that plans can be made for each presentation.

Submissions for the poster session are due by MAY 1, 2019, and can be forwarded by emailing your abstract to Conference Co-chair Dr. E. M. Moore at e-mail address Limited financial assistance is available to successful poster applicants  upon application.

The total length of the abstract, including title, author(s), institution(s) and text is limited to 250 words. Visit Zygon guidelines for abstracts available at

Special Distinguished Poster Awards

Two poster awards are available at each conference, one for the best student presentation and another for the most outstanding contribution by a postdoctoral scholar. The Eugene D'Aquili Graduate Student Award includes a $100 prize, a certificate of honor from IRAS and one year's membership in IRAS. Similarly, the Ralph Burhoe Postdoctoral Fellow Award includes a $200 prize, a certificate of honor from IRAS and one year’s membership in IRAS. To be eligible for these awards, a student or postdoctoral fellow must submit and have an abstract accepted for presentation at the conference. Eligible applicants will be contacted by IRAS to submit their CV, a copy of their abstract, and a letter from their advisor verifying his/her work. Criteria for these awards are that the poster 1) is potentially publishable in a peer-reviewed journal or book; 2) includes sound methodology appropriate to the issues being analyzed or synthesized; 3) discusses the implications of his/her thesis or findings for religion and science; and 4) includes a statement from a faculty mentor verifying that the poster represents the presenter’s own work as a student or postdoctoral fellow. The student or postdoctoral fellow must, of course, present his/her work during the conference.