International and Interdisciplinary Master's Program "Religion, Ethics, and Politics"

The tense relationship between religion and politics is one of the most important social issues of our time. Societal and scientific debates on the topic have been triggered by increasing religious pluralization, changing moral concepts, but also globalization and migration. How tolerant should societies be of religious groups and their rituals and practices? What values, such as equal rights for women and men, should not be open to discussion? What possibilities exist for cooperation between the state and religious communities and where is potential for conflict? How does religiousness or non-religiousness affect our identity? These are concrete sample questions that the Master's program, Religion, Ethics, and Politics, deals with.

MaREPol examines the relationship between religion, politics, and society from theological, philosophical, and political science perspectives.  Students learn to address and understand the interaction between these spheres as well as the challenges that result from this complex field of tension and to develop interdisciplinary solutions.  In doing so, they deal with the ethics and aesthetics of religions, analyze the relationship between religion and state in political systems, or discuss theological justifications for the political engagement of religious communities.

MAREPol prepares students excellently for national and international professional fields, for instance in research and teaching, political management, political or economic consulting, international cooperation and diplomacy, political education or in associations, publishing houses and foundations. 

If you have any questions about the Master's program or the student life in Dortmund, you are very welcome to contact any of the faculty's student representatives at any time.  Current information on the specific student councils as well as contact details can be found on the respective websites: