Socio-Historical Examination of Religion and Ministry Journal, Call for Submissions

In partnership with Wipf and Stock Publishers, the peer-reviewed academic journal, Socio-Historical Examination of Religion and Ministry (SHERM journal), is now accepting article submissions from all qualified persons relating to any one of the following fields of study:

Religious History
Historical Theology
Historical Jesus
Psychology of Religion
Sociology of Religion
Anthropology of Religion
Philosophy of Religion
Religious Trends and Demographics
Issues in Contemporary Theology
Ancient, Medieval, and Contemporary Christian Literature
Patristic, Medieval, and Contemporary Exegesis
Ancient Near Eastern Languages and Writings
Ancient Israelite Religion and Second Temple Judaism
History and Literature of Contemporary Judaism
Hebrew Bible
New Testament
Textual Criticism
Islamic Studies
Mormon Studies
Native American Religion
Hinduism, Buddhism, and Other World Religions
Historical and Contemporary Religious Revivals and Sects
New Religious Movements (Cults)
Religious Violence
Religious Liberty
Freedom from Religion
General Religious Studies

SHERM is a biannual, free peer-reviewed academic journal that publishes the latest social-scientific, historiographic, and ecclesiastic research on religious institutions and their ministerial practices. SHERM is dedicated to the critical and scholarly inquiry of historical and contemporary religious phenomena, both from within particular religious traditions and across cultural boundaries, so as to inform the broader socio-historical analysis of religion and its related fields of study.

Also, SHERM is a 100% not-for-profit journal with independent funding, so we never ask our authors for money to publish their research with us.

For questions about the journal or suggestions for an upcoming issue, feel free to contact the General Editor, Darren Slade, at or visit our website: