2024 Annual Meeting

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Launching the Institute for Religion, Culture and Societal Futures (IRCSF)

The Institute for Religion, Culture and Societal Futures (IRCSF) aims to be a new hub for social scientific and empirical research related to religion, spirituality, and emerging forms of communities of belief and practice. The IRCSF is non-partisan, and brings together both resident and visiting scholars working in the fields of sociology of religion and the social scientific study of religion to support undergraduate and graduate students, researchers, community organizations, faith groups, schools, the media, and the general public in better understanding the religious landscape of Canada and connections between religion, spirituality, secularity and other aspects of public and social life. It’s already a great place to find qualitative and quantitative information on religion, and we aim to grow such resources even more over the coming months and years.

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American Muslims: Beyond 9/11 Review of Religious Research Special Issue Call for Papers

The Review of Religious Research invites paper submissions for a special issue on American Muslims. This special issue will draw upon contemporary research on Muslims in the United States. In 2003, Karen Leonard’s Muslims in the United States: The State of Research suggested that scholarship on American Muslims was growing rapidly and starting to shift in two important ways: One was a move away from purely descriptive analyses, toward theorizing that both drew on and contributed to broader social scientific understandings. Another shift was from a focus on Muslim American subgroups in isolation, toward considerations of Muslims complete as Americans with multiple identities and affiliations.

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The Louisville Institute is excited to announce NEW and UPDATED opportunities for the 2025 grant and fellowship season. As part of renewed funding, LI will continue to support pastoral leaders, researchers, early career and seasoned scholars, and many others in the United States and Canada whose work resonates with LI’s mission to bridge Church and academy. LI has reimagined many of the existing programs and expanded funding to allow for a greater impact. We are also excited to announce a NEW opportunity: Grant for Researchers. We have six funding opportunities available for 2025.

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