2018 Call for Papers

Religion and Power:
The Creation, Reproduction and Deconstruction of Social Orders

The study of religion, power and social orders is at the core of social scientific inquiry. We repeatedly see religion being used by the already powerful to sustain their power and existing social orders as well as by the less powerful to disrupt those same social orders and claim or reclaim more power. As history continues to repeat this pattern, the time appears ripe, then, for social scientists to reinvest our empirical and theoretical examinations of religion, power and social orders.

In order to sustain a broad understanding of religion, power and social orders, these single papers and sessions aim to have a methodologically, theoretically and epistemologically diverse agenda. Religion includes, for example, religious practices, attitudes, beliefs, values, ideologies, emotions, relationships, organizations, and institutions. Power is any form of control or influence. Social orders exist at the micro level (e.g., personal, relational), macro level (e.g., institutional, societal, global) and anywhere in between (e.g., racial, socioeconomic, organizational, communal).

Proposals that assume either prevailing (e.g., positivist) or emerging (e.g., intersectional) epistemological approaches are encouraged. Additionally, proposals that draw upon qualitative or quantitative methods will be considered. We invite all social scientific paper and session proposals on religion to be considered for our 2018 meeting in Las Vegas, NV. We especially invite paper and session proposals that address the theme of these meetings, as well as Author Meets Critics proposals.

Submissions Close: March 31, 2018
Decision Notification: April 30, 2018

Please direct all inquiries to Melinda Denton (Department of Sociology, University of Texas at San Antonio), the Program Chair for the 2018 Annual Meeting.