2020 Student Paper Award

Submit Nomination

The process of selection for the best student paper award takes place after the annual meeting. Thus the 2020 award will be given to a paper presented at the 2019 Annual Meeting.

Purpose: To recognize the best paper scheduled for presentation by a student at the annual meeting. SSSR wishes to encourage scholarly work and participation by students in SSSR meetings.

Qualifications: Authors of papers nominated and submitted for this competition must be graduate or undergraduate students at institutions of higher learning anywhere in the world, but papers must be submitted in English. Any co–authors must also be students; faculty and post–doctoral co–authors are not permitted. Those who recently received the Ph.D. degree may apply if the paper was written while still a graduate student. Each author may submit only one paper to this competition.

To be eligible, at least one author for the paper must have been registered for the SSSR conference in 2019.

Criteria: Student papers will be judged by the awards committee on criteria normally used in evaluating scholarly and scientific papers for publication – namely, an appropriate theoretical framework and a competent use of research methods and data as necessary, with a persuasive argument to a logical conclusion. Papers may build upon any theoretical or research tradition. It will be up to the author(s) to demonstrate the cogency and usefulness of the theories and methods used in the paper.

Procedures: Any current member of SSSR may nominate worthy student papers to the Student Paper Award Committee, and the committee chair will notify the student presenter of their nomination. Students may also self–nominate.

Format: Although the version of the paper prepared for oral presentation is usually limited to what can be communicated in 15 minutes, the written version submitted after nomination for the award should be of normal length for published articles: approximately 35 pages, double–spaced, including notes and references. 

Deadline: The deadline to submit a nomination is June 1, 2020, and the completed paper must be received by the committee no later than June 15, 2020.

Award: The award will be presented at the annual meeting. It includes a plaque and $1000.