Director of Springtide Research Institute


About Springtide Research Institute

Springtide Research Institute is a leading nonsectarian, nonpartisan applied research institute in the social science tradition, conducting nationally representative mixed-method research of young people ages 13 to 25. Operating under the auspices of Lasallian Educational & Research Initiatives (a 501(c)(3) corporation in the State of Minnesota), Springtide is rooted in a 300-year- old Lasallian heritage of care for the human and religious flourishing of young people. Springtide generates actionable insights into the emerging perceptions, beliefs, and practices of young people at the intersections of their human and religious experiences. Springtide illuminates for faith-based and mission-based leaders the shifting sociocultural landscape in which young generations are forming identity, shaping social connection, and finding meaning in their lives.

Media such as The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, The Christian Science Monitor, and Psychology Today often quote Springtide as a trusted source for data-driven insights. In 2022, Springtide research had over 1,000 discreet media mentions and placements. The research is utilized by organizations ranging from schools (K through university level) to social-service agencies, chaplaincies, and campus ministries to secular and humanist organizations as they seek to build better models of support and care for young people.

The Springtide Team is made up of three unique and collaborative groups. The Research Advisory Board is comprised of expert researchers and practitioners who shape the direction of the research. 

Springtide Ambassadors are youth and young adults who engage Springtide research findings and share their own perspectives through content creation and group reflection. Springtide staff are full- and part-time professionals who ensure the highest standards and ethical practices in research methods and reports with high regard for the public responsibility and accountability of Springtide.

A suite of services is at the core of the Springtide mission. Proprietary research and published reports generate evidence-based actionable insights for the core audiences of Springtide. Custom-research services include program evaluation, custom surveys, and data collection for a wide range of mission-aligned clients across multiple faith traditions. Speaking engagements allow Springtide subject-matter experts to provide particular insights about Gen Z to concerned national audiences. Springtide community engagement includes podcasts, social media, and webinars, as well as partnerships with leading national, regional,
and local organizations seeking to better serve young people.

Springtide is operationally supported by Lasallian Educational and Research Initiatives (LERI), a $9MM, financially stable, growing, and iconic nonprofit organization operating since 1943. Sibling brands include widely respected labels such as Saint Mary’s Press®, Anselm Academic, and Professor’s Choice®.

Position Opportunity
This is an opportunity to become the leader of an emerging national growth organization that is
passionate about the well-being of young people at the intersections of their inner and outer lives,
and that supports those who are helping young people navigate their religious, spiritual, and mental
health. As the Director, you will report to and work in close collaboration with the President/CEO.

As the Director of Springtide Research Institute, you will spearhead these core initiatives:
• Amplify young people’s lived experiences through rigorous mixed-method applied research and
evidence-based actionable insights, generating multiple research reports annually to help those
who care about young people build better models of care and support.
• Commit to understanding the distinct ways new generations experience and express community,
identity, and meaning.
• Ensure that Springtide Research Institute operates and conducts research at the highest level
of integrity and public accountability, with full transparency in reporting; ensure continuous
attention to the mitigation of biases, especially those that impact nondominant identities
and populations; and ensure that the safe-practices policy of Springtide is adhered to in the
protection of minors and vulnerable adults in human-subject research.
• Build and nurture a robust, broad-based network of, and partnerships with, individuals and
organizations serving multiple faith expressions and traditions.
• Create a vision for, and the business metrics to support, the ongoing mission of Springtide.

Position Responsibilities
• Guide and coordinate direct reports: Head of Community Engagement, Head Writer & Editor, Senior Project Manager & Client Relations, Senior Research Associate, and Media Relations Coordinator.
• Oversee the implementation of the rolling three-year research and publications strategy, including the release of at least four research projects per year and corresponding national revenue-generating reports.
• Oversee team members’ work by setting forth strategic direction, defining expected outcomes and deadlines, and ensuring staff synergy within a highly collaborative team culture, with distributed authority across competent staff.
• Establish, monitor, and manage all program budgets and time lines to ensure that work is delivered on time and on budget in collaboration with Grant Manager(s), Project Manager(s), and the organization’s CFO.
• Collaborate with the Director of Donor Relations and President/CEO to build relationships and develop grant proposals that result in sufficient philanthropic support to fund research projects and other mission initiatives. Develop and continuously improve earned-income revenue strategies and models that result in annual positive operating income.
• Align with the President/CEO to serve as a public face and voice, representing with integrity the work of Springtide to media, sponsors, donors and granting organizations, clients, and constituents.
• Maintain and further develop the culture of mutual trust and respect among team members and across the organization.
• Foster professional development and continued growth of team members’ competencies and missional commitment.
• Lead a 100% remote team. Staff work from home and are allowed to define “home” however they choose if they maintain necessary connectivity and utilize organizational IT assets. Work hours are flexible for all staff.

• PhD in a social science discipline, such as sociology, social psychology, anthropology, or religion.
• At least seven years of executive/administrative leadership with demonstrated success in leading
cross-functional teams within the nonprofit sector.
• Demonstrated knowledge of methodological rigor and ethics in applied research practices with
human subjects.
• Demonstrated experience leading a fully virtual team.
• Multifaith religious literacy.
• Experience supporting nondominant populations by race/ethnicity, gender, sexuality, and/or faith.
• Experience in business development, including grant funding, unrestricted giving from donors,
and fee-for-service income.

To Apply
Springtide Research Institute has retained the services of the nonprofit division of ThinkingAhead
Executive Search for this search. If you are qualified and interested, please contact:

Gloria Premis, Recruiter
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Greg Boucher, Recruiter
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