SSSR Webinar: Modesty in Orthodoxy: Jewish and Muslim Women - Thursday, June 6, 2024

Practices of women’s modesty, such as donning modest attire, covering the head or abiding by traditional gender relations, has significant religious, cultural, and social importance in Jewish and Muslim communities. This webinar seeks to delve into motivations and practices of Orthodox Jewish and Muslim women in Canada, the U.S. and Israel. Bringing together scholars from these two groups, this webinar aims to explore the intersections of ethnoreligious belief and belonging, as well as the researchers’ worldviews and the ways these views shape the research process.



Jocelyne Cesari, Harvard University

Ilana Celeste, University of Pittsburgh 

Valentina Gaddi, University of Montreal, Canada 

Adina Bankier-Karp, Monash University, Australia 


Sawsan Kheir, University of Haifa, Israel



Ariela Keysar, Trinity College