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Since the annual meeting is a partnership between SSSR and RRA, please indicate the organization to which you are submitting your proposal. The SSSR is an interdisciplinary academic association that stimulates, promotes, and communicates social scientific research about religious institutions and experiences. The RRA cultivates the intersection of applied and academic social science research on religion. It is focused on applied research in service of religious congregations, organizations, and individuals.
At least one person in my session is a first time attendee.
At least one person in my session is an international scholar.

Work to be Discussed

Please provide a brief description (maximum 250 words) of the book. In your description, please indicate whether and how the book addresses the strategic plan of SSSR and/or the theme of the SSSR annual meeting. Books that do not address these topics are also welcome. This is a special forum for researchers, both applied and academic, to share published work in the form of books, research reports, and/or journals. Please provide a brief description (maximum 250 words) of the work to be discussed. Contact the RRA Program Chair with questions about this type of session.
PleaseĀ do notĀ enter your title in all capital letters.


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