Jack Shand International Travel Grant Application

Your Information


In 500–1000 words, briefly describe the research you propose to present at the annual meeting. Please include your research question, data and methods employed, initial findings or hypotheses, and the significance of the study.
Please include your statement of need here. What travel funding do you already have or anticipate?

Funding Estimates

Please provide the following information so we can calculate your funding needs. If you receive an award, SSSSR will reimburse your travel costs. The SSSR will book your hotel accommodations for you. Those who receive an award that includes money for meals will receive this portion of their funding when they arrive at the annual meeting.
Include city, state/province if applicable, and country
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Based on the information you provided, we estimate this to be the total cost for your participation in the annual meeting.


*Please be sure to submit your attachments in English